A downloadable game for Windows

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The year is 1889. You have immigrated to America, and find yourself living in a small one-room apartment on the Lower East Side.

Before you left the old country, you told your relatives that if they ever followed you to America, you would give them a place to stay. You never imagined quite this many would take you up on the offer.


Make room for all your relatives and their belongings, by carrying them around the room. They just keep coming, and if one of them finds the doorway blocked - game over!

Your relatives (and their possessions) will slowly move out, freeing up more room - but not as fast as they come.


  • Move forward: W or Numpad 8
  • Move left: A or Numpad 4
  • Move back: S or Numpad 2
  • Move right: D or Numpad 6
  • Turn left: Q or Numpad 7
  • Turn right: E or Numpad 9
  • Pick up / drop item: Space

If you find the movement controls confusing, F9 toggles between "relative" and "absolute" controls - in "absolute" move, W/8 is "move up" rather than "move forward", etc.


TenementRush_Win32.zip 22 MB