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A real-time strategy game of World War 1 era trench warfare. The catch is that, in the chaos of battle, you can't control units directly - just issue orders, and hope that someone follows them in time.

Get 8 soldiers over the top to defeat the enemy.


  • Machine Gun: suppresses enemy fire around it, but also can damage friendly buildings and units.
  • Mortar: Breaks enemy morale, reducing the duration if incoming barrages and increasing time between them.
  • Medic Station: Heals soldiers in an 8-tile radius.
  • Trenches: Provides cover and safe passage for soldiers.
  • Walls: They're walls. They stop bullets, but also people.

Other orders:

  • Sentry: Orders a unit to hold a position for a brief period of time. Useful for trying to get soldiers to take cover in the face of enemy fire.
  • Charge: Orders a unit to climb out of the trenches and attack the enemy. This will provoke the enemy into heavy fire!

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Published Dec 09, 2014
TagsLudum Dare 31, Real time strategy