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It is the year 2024, after the fall of civilization.

The neo-capitalists are attempting to regain control of the earth, using Life brand cereal as currency.

At the Quaker Oats guy, you are duty-bound by your oath to honesty, integrity, and purity to stop them.

Retrieve all the cereal before it is too late!

How to Play

Make your way through each of the four levels, finding all the cereal boxes around. 

Watch out for enemies:

  • Clerks are patrolling the levels. If they see you they'll give chase
  • Capitalists are often found milling around near boxes of cereal. Beware their binding contracts!

You can fire some of your precious Life brand cereal at the enemies to temporarily incapacitate them.


Supports both keyboard and controller.


  • WASD/Arrow keys: move
  • Space: Fire
  • Escape: Quit


  • Left stick: move
  • A: Fire (or whatever maps to "button 0" in Unity)

Known Issues

It's a Ludum Dare game, there's probably something!


v0.2, 4/29/2019

Minor bugfix release for the following issues:

  • On restart, additional music player gets instantiated
  • Under some circumstances, picking up an additional life grants 2 or more
  • A few small cosmetic issues in level design
  • Mouse click fires projectile
  • Life bar expands leftwards for negative values (ie on level lose), instead of just not rendering


My Life Is Not Currency_0.2_Win32.zip 23 MB

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