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The ancient technology of the Pyramids has been a mystery - until now!

You are the ancient alient cat overlord of Ancient Egypt. From your UFO, rain signs and wonders down upon the people as you fly over the banks of the Nile.

The more people you entrance with the wonders of your otherworldly power, the larger the pyramids they build in your honour will be.

But seriously, this game is a top-down shooter retro-style shooter with infinite procedurally-generated levels and a dubious take on the Ludum Dare 36 theme. Try to get as far as possible!


  • Keyboard:
    • Left/right or A/D to move
    • Ctrl or Space to fire
  • Joystick gamepad:
    • Left/right to move
    • Buttons 0 through 3 to fire

Mac and Linux builds forthcoming!

Install instructions

Just extract and run!


SuperEgyptianUFOCat-v0.1.1-compo2.zip (Win32) 12 MB

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